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Operation: Vegan – Day 10 & 11


So I was planning on taking a break from boring you with the same old thing tonight, and was fully prepared to drop a little side project on your unsuspecting asses, but the timing just isn’t right. Although this project will most certainly change the way the world is viewed, it just wasn’t refined and polished enough to release to ...

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Operation: Vegan – Day 8 & 9


I swear to God, vegans have their own language. I’ve been making a habit of surfing #hashtags over on Twitter to find new things to try during the month. You should see some of the recipes that have been sent to me. I’m pretty sure that that majority of society has never heard of the ingredients that go into these ...

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Operation: Vegan – Day 6 & 7


Well, I have officially made it longer as a vegan than my dumbass hippie friend. Suck shit, you flower powered asshole! Also, seeing as to how I’ve made it through my first week with poise, grace, and absolutely no complaining at all, I figured that I now need my own motto to go along with my super hip lifestyle. Not ...

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Operation: Vegan – Day 4 & 5


CHEEEEEEEEESE!! When I started this whole thing, I thought for sure I would be craving meat within a matter of days. So far, I don’t miss it at all, and I’m kind of shocked. I do have the overwhelming desire for cheese though. To make matters worse, I was walking around Safeway today and some hobag cheese dealer shoved her ...

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Operation: Vegan – Day 2 & 3

Washington Post food editor Joe Yonan has made the decision to go vegetarian.

Well, besides the fact that my body is now in shock from the severe lack of Taco Bell in my system; I’m still alive. I get the overwhelming feeling that my stomach thinks we’re homeless now, and feeding off the raw goods of the neighborhood gardens. I woke up on day 2 with a pretty bad headache, which isn’t that ...

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Operation: Vegan – Day 1


The first day wasn’t too bad. Typically in the morning I make my coffee, and either some eggs & toast, or just skip breakfast altogether. This morning I woke up, and immediately craved some Starbucks… about half way there, I realized, “shit… I can’t have my drink for a month,” and had to turn back around. Why I decided to ...

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Operation: Vegan


So I made fun of my wannabe hippie friend for not making it a week trying to be a vegan, and he claimed that I “couldn’t make it 2 days the way I eat.” Therefore, since I have to go to the extreme in every choice I make, for the next MONTH I’m going vegan, and as a bonus I’ll be ...

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