Name: Ryan
DOB: 1/16
Location: Seattle, WA


I am a world class chef.
I have 3 published books.
I once hijacked a train just to see if i could.
I cut my lawn with a pair of scissors.
I commute to work on a horse.
On an average day I will consume more delicious meals than most people do in a year.
I brush my teeth while simultaneously using mouthwash.
My microwave cooks popcorn faster than most.
I make my own designer shirts.

Beyond all of my impressive accomplishments just mentioned, I consider myself a normal person like everyone else.

I love sports, and have been a die-hard Oakland Raiders fan for over 20 years. There is actually a picture of me when I was eight years old wearing Raiders sweats, a sweatshirt, coat, and hat. That being said, it probably comes as no surprise that I lost my virginity before I turned nine. My favorite basketball team is the Suns, who I started following in the early 90s when Sir Charles joined the team. I think the greatest athlete of all time is Bo Jackson, and if you disagree with me, you’re wrong.

Even though I come off as a supernatural sex symbol, I am actually a pretty hardcore nerd. I grew up reading comics, and consider myself a Marvel expert. I love video games, and have played World of Warcraft since the day it came out. I’ll probably keep playing it until Diablo 3 comes out. I’ve also seen more movies than is probably healthy. My favorite of all time is Tombstone.

As for this site, I have owned the domain for just over a decade. For years I maintained a personal blog which consisted of my adventures through college, and the years that followed. This site will never be maintained on a consistent basis, and the direction I choose to take it in will always change. I only keep it around for my own personal amusement, and because I’m always going through brief stages where I want to run a website, so that I can write again. That’s the main reason you’ll see a few month block of me writing nearly everyday, then nothing at all for the next year. I have a short attention span, I suppose.