Adventures of a Goddamn Topless Robot – Part 1

So I had almost a years worth of vacation time built up at work that I had to use by the end of September, or I was going to lose it. While most normal people would use this time to go on some exotic/tropical vacation with friends, family, or loved ones, I determined that an even better idea would be for me to go on a 21 day road trip, by myself, and to TRY to hit 10-12 national parks. While I could choose to layout my planned route, and name the places I’m determined to go, I don’t really feel like it right now, and why ruin the surprise?

us41ara01I left work/Seattle around 3:00pm  on Wednesday, and drove about 7 and a half hours out to Missoula, MT. My main goal for day .05 was to avoid being anal raped by a hobo at a rest stop. I’m proud to say that I met that goal. Although at one of the Montana rest stops a trucker did ask how my night was going… clearly he desired my fresh young blossoming ass, so I quickly returned to my car and sped off.

I finally got to Missoula around 11:00pm, and used my Expedia app to get a room, since I’m really good at planning absolutely nothing. I ended up getting booked for cheap at some high end hotel, which I was pretty stoked about… until I got there and I found out that Expedia overbooked them, and they had filled up hours ago. I ended up finding this trashy little place across town (and across the street from a Taco Bell, thank God) that wasn’t too bad. I’d have to say my biggest complaint would have to be that the air conditioner sounded like a fucking nuclear bomb detonation everytime it turned on, but hey, who doesn’t want to be woken up 30 times a night?

hotelsignThursday I spent another 5 hours driving out to West Yellowstone. Thankfully I had planned ahead for this part of the trip, and have a sweet place .2 miles away from the Yellowstone entrance, at Al’s Westward Ho Motel. Once arriving I quickly crashed out for about an hour. Once I woke up it was already 6pm, but I decided to drive out to see Fountain Paint Pot and Jet Geyser real fast. It was amazing, and I will post more about Yellowstone the next couple of days, and include pictures and videos. Right now it’s bed time, since I want to be out at the park tomorrow before sunrise.

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