Barclay Lake – Baring, WA

After last week’s 10 mile hike, a 5 mile out and back to Barclay Lake seemed like nothing. Although the WTA site claims there’s only a 225 foot elevation gain, it seemed like a lot more since there were a lot of ups and downs on the path out to the lake. The scenery on the way out was amazing, as were the mountains surrounding us, but the lake itself was pretty ghetto in my opinion. It just seemed like one of those lakes where people go to dispose of dead hooker bodies. Not that I would know what those types of lakes look like, but I can confirm with 100% confidence that this is definitely what they look like. No doubt in my mind. Just not from experience, ok??

sasquSince this is one of the easier hikes in the area it is full of the typical douchtastic all-stars. At one point we were stopped by a woman that closely resembled the Jack Link’s Beef Jerky Sasquatch, and her friend (maybe partner?) that may or may not have had 4 boobs. They wanted to gossip about another group of hikers that had a couple of those shitty, yapper dogs that were starting fights with all the larger dogs on the trail. Ya know, starting conversations with other hikers on the trail is fine and dandy, but limit yourself. No one wants to talk to a complete stranger about what’s irritating them for 15+ minutes. Please realize that you’re gross and scary, and we’re only humoring you because we’ve seen the Messin’ with Sasquatch commercials and know what harm you can do to us.

Once we arrived back at the parking lot we ran into a family that had a kid dressed up as Link from The Legend of Zelda, complete with Master Sword. No shit, not even kidding. If that wasn’t weird enough, when we walked by the family and said hi he slowly turned his head like one of those scary little ghost kids in the movies, and said ‘hello’ in the coldest, creepiest manner possible. I wish there was a way to tag people that are certain to become serial killers later on in life. That kid should be on some sort of watch list.

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