Bedrock City & Planes of Fame Air Museum – Williams, AZ

On your way out to the Grand Canyon you’ll pass a couple of tourist traps which are somewhat entertaining, but you won’t miss a whole lot if you decide to drive on by. I, of course, I had to stop at all of them because I have no self control.

Bedrock City is, as you can tell, is a Flintstone themed park that costs a ridiculous amount of money to get into. I believe it was something like $15 per person and all they have inside is a bunch of shitty replicas and dinosaurs that look like they’re made of petrified dog shit. Not going to lie, if it was something like $5 per person, I totally would have paid to see the petrified dog shit… cause again, I have no self control.

Further down the road is the Plane of Game Air Museum. The day I was there it had already closed, but as you can see from the pictures I was still able to get pretty close to all the planes. Some of the planes looked pretty cool, but I can’t imagine you’d spend more than 30 minutes there, especially in the hot ass desert. My favorite part was taking really cool and sexy pictures with the huge iron eagle they have out front.

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