Capitol Reef National Park

Capitol Reef is kind of the red headed stepchild of Utah’s National Parks. I can’t say I was too excited to visit there in the first place, especially since it is literally out in the middle of nowhere and is a fairly significant drive from Salt Lake City (where I dropped my friend back off), and from Bryce Canyon (where I was headed next)… buuuuuuuut since I’m determined to see all of the national parks, I went out of my way to get there.

I stayed in Bicknell, UT which is a small little dirt town outside of Capitol Reef, at some place called the Aquarius Inn Motel, which was quite the experience. Not only was there a VCR hooked up and ready to roll inside my room, but the motel itself rented out VHS tapes! Even though I felt like there was a strong possibility I would be raped and murdered by the cow folk while I slept, it was still fairly close to the park, and very cheap. There was a breakfast place next door (wish I could remember the name) that may have been part of the motel in some way that had one of the most amazing breakfasts I’ve ever had, and it only cost $3.50!

The best part of this portion of my trip was definitely waking up unraped and unmurdered, since Capitol Reef National Park leaves a lot to be desired. The road you drive on is scary as hell and is prone to washouts during flash floods. Unfortunately the day I was there it was overcast with sporadic rain, so being swept away by a flood was definitely my main concern. I half assed a couple of hikes, one towards Hickman Bridge, and the other towards the Cassidy Arch, but both times it started to rain so I had to turn around due to the reasons ^^.

I did complete one short hike out to Chimney Rock, bit it was pretty meh. There’s really nothing in this park that you can’t catch at Arches or Canyonlands. If I were to have come here without seeing either of those parks it might have been fun and interesting rather than the lackluster time that it actually was.

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