Saved by the Bell

Zack Morris: Student or God?


OH. EM. GEE. SO. MUCH. DRAMA!!!!!!  You will NOT believe the morning I’ve had, shit, I can’t believe the morning I’ve had!! So let me preface this by stating that I have huge aspirations of being an oil baron, or a tycoon if you will. So imagine my shock when my life’s only goal was flipped, and turned upside down ...

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Tragedy Hits Bayside


I suffered a conniption fit this morning after feeling like I’d ran a goddamn OMG-athon, and it’s all due to those wacky kids out at Bayside! WARNING: If wiley hijinks, deceptive plots, and mass hysteria stress you out as much as they do me, DO NOT READ ON! So first off this morning, I find out that Zack and Kelly ...

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Zack Serves Eric up a Slice of BOOYAH!


Ugh, I swear I’ve been spinning around in circles OMGing all morning!! So get this, Jessie’s stepbrother, Eric, arrived from New York this morning with a TOTAL bad attitude, and starts pulling all these shenanigans on the gang, and it just stressed me the hell out. I feel as if I witnessed more lies, conniving, and devious blackmail so far ...

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Zack Morris owns Matt Wilson!

Zack & Kelly

OHH EMM GEE! Most awkward morning EVER! So first, Zack asks Kelly to go the senior prom with him, but finds out she’s already going with Matt Wilson!! WTF! It’s like, ‘seriously, Kelly? Matt Wilson?!’ Honest to God, reason #1201 I think this girl is a total slut-bag! God, his line was all ridiculous as shit too! Kelly: Can I ...

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