Saved by the Bell

Zack Morris: Student or God?


OH. EM. GEE. SO. MUCH. DRAMA!!!!!!  You will NOT believe the morning I’ve had, shit, I can’t believe the morning I’ve had!! So let me preface this by stating that I have huge aspirations of being an oil baron, or a tycoon if you will. So imagine my shock when my life’s only goal was flipped, and turned upside down ...

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Tragedy Hits Bayside


I suffered a conniption fit this morning after feeling like I’d ran a goddamn OMG-athon, and it’s all due to those wacky kids out at Bayside! WARNING: If wiley hijinks, deceptive plots, and mass hysteria stress you out as much as they do me, DO NOT READ ON! So first off this morning, I find out that Zack and Kelly ...

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