Hoover Dam


While driving through Nevada I stopped off in Henderson to hang out with some friends in the area. We headed up to Hoover Dam, which was pretty cool to see. The parking in the area was something ridiculous like $15, but without any other options you just gotta deal with getting boned. The dam itself was pretty impressive, and it was ...

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Tombstone, AZ


Tombstone has been my favorite movie for years, so I can’t begin to express how disappointed I was in this town. It is the epitome of tourist traps. I understand that this is a legit town where people live, but they have blown up one of the most historic areas in US history and turned it into avenues of knick-knack stores ...

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Saguaro National Park & Desert Museum – Tucson, AZ


To be honest, I only went to Saguaro National Park so that I could say that I went to Saguaro National Park. The entire park is just a bunch of dirt, rocks, and cacti. Sure, a cool cactus here and there are totally as neato as a burrito, but my idea of a good time does not include wondering around ...

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Sedona, AZ


I attempted to do the Call of the Canyon hike in Sedona, but unfortunately there was a huge rainfall the week before that resulted in a ton of flooding. After hiking about a half mile in there was a “small creek crossing” had turned into a damn lake that I didn’t exactly plan for. So instead of swimming across and ...

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Grand Canyon National Park – Arizona


I had flown over the Grand Canyon several times over the years, so I almost decided to take a pass on this national park since I had “already seen it.” Trust me when I say that flying over it or seeing pictures of it does not do it justice at all. It’s absolutely overwhelming when you actually see it in ...

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Bedrock City & Planes of Fame Air Museum – Williams, AZ


On your way out to the Grand Canyon you’ll pass a couple of tourist traps which are somewhat entertaining, but you won’t miss a whole lot if you decide to drive on by. I, of course, I had to stop at all of them because I have no self control. Bedrock City is, as you can tell, is a Flintstone ...

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Montezuma Castle & Well – Camp Verde, AZ


I made a pit stop at Montezuma’s Castle & Well on the drive out to the Grand Canyon and was amazed at how well preserved the cliff-dwellings were, considering they were constructed back in 700AD. Apparently it took 5 centuries to build, and there are 5 stories worth of “apartments” inside. Although I’m not entirely sure I would be willing ...

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