Cherry Creek Falls – Duvall, WA

Cherry Creek Falls is a very easy an beautiful hike. It can be somewhat difficult to find if you don’t have directions, since the trail isn’t marked. You’ll want to have them loaded on a phone, or printed out, or you’ll more than likely get lost or end up on a trail to somewhere other than the falls. Personally our group ran into two people who were lost during our hike and had to be given directions back to the trailhead.

We also brought a total hiking noob with us on the trip, and she had no issues outside of not wanting to get dirty, not wanting to get wet, and not understanding that the pine needles were falling from the trees, and that it in fact WAS NOT ‘snowing leaves.’ Considering that a 1 year old child faired better than her on the hike, I think it’s fair to say she has a ways to go before she gets the title of Nature Girl.

The falls were great, and if as long as you get there before August you’ll be able to see two, rather than one. Rumor is that the left side dries up towards the end of July – early August. The water is fairly shallow, so it isn’t that cold either. Great place to take a dip on a hot day.

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