Facebook Offenders

Facebook Offenders: Part 2

Carrying on from my first installement, we now look at our second exibit:

The Inspirational Quote Guy

I’ve never been able to comprehend why people feel the need to cut and paste a random “inspirational” quote as their status update, as if they’re the Tony Robbins of Facebook. FUN FACT: No one is being inspired by your lack of originality. The only thought they are putting into your 5 seconds of google research has nothing to do with what you’ve copied, and everything to do with finding the “Hide” button, and blocking your annoying ass permanently.

The only reason I’ve found to keep these individuals unhidden are the craptastic people that come out of the woodwork to comment on their status. These morons are barely capable of correcting a 3rd grade spelling test, yet they somehow figure they’re qualified to pass on their idiotic advice that not even a crack head would follow. And while those are always amusing to scoff at, the people that really annoy me are the 20 friends that “Like” the status. Bullshit, you know you rolled your eyes as soon as you saw it, so don’t pretend you’re being supportive.

So if you’re going to post these quotes to show all of your friends how “deep” you are, please realize that you’re not inspiring anyone to jump off their couch, to run out and become a productive member of society. More than likely they’re rolling their eyes, or if they’re anything like me, they’re going to respond with something ridiculous to mock your unoriginality.

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