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Facebook: The Good News & The Bad News

Holy crap people are annoying. I’ve been on Facebook less and less lately, so maybe I’ve missed out on this growing trend that I’m now seeing. It seems that people have finally come to realize that their friends will completely ignore their emo status updates, that complain about how miserable and sad their life is, and are now TRICKING people into reading their status updates. They always lead off with something positive, then dive right into their pity party, or something horrible that’s apparently happened. Honestly, one minute it’s like, “oh cool, Travis just got a promotion at work… oh no, no wait… looks like he also got pummeled and butt raped in the Gold’s Gym shower.” Awesome, thanks for letting your 800+ friends/family/strangers know!

I’ve never really understood people’s need to air out their problems in a public forum, it’s embarrassing for them, and for the people that are forced to read it. When I have a problem, I keep it to myself, and deal with it myself. If I were to cry out for attention, or beg for sympathy because of an issue I was dealing with, I would be humiliated. Get over yourself, everyone has problems, yet notice how you’re the only one that feels the need to share yours with any person within earshot? Do you not notice how uncomfortable you make people? How they’re looking for any excuse to get the hell away from you? Probably not, guess that comes with the territory when you’re so self-involved.

The worst is when someone chooses to get WAY too personal about their life, and others offer their advice, or even criticize a decision, and then they flip the fuck out saying, “mind your own business!” or “I can make my own decisions, don’t tell me what to do!” Then they of course go against ANY advice someone might have given to them, and holy shit, five days later, “I can’t believe this is happening to me! I don’t understand why I didn’t just listen to my friends! OHEMGEE!!!” I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I’ve seen someone post some bullshit idea, someone actually takes the time to give them good advice, they’re told to fuck off, then come back crying when shit blows up in their face a few days later. SO. MUCH. DRAMA!! Ok, that’s enough of my bitchfest for the night. Notice how I didn’t make this my status update?! SNAP!

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