Heather Lake Hike – Darrington, WA

I wish I would have had the idea to post my hikes on here at the time I was actually hiking them, since the details will be sorely lacking nearly a year later. Plus by this time I’ve mostly forgotten about all the embarrassing details of falling in lakes or down mountains. Too bad for you, right?

Heather Lake was one of the first hike’s I went on last year, and the first in the Northern Cascades. I ended up doing the Lake 22 hike later on in the summer, which is about a mile past the Heather Lake trailhead. If you’ve got to choose between one or the other, definitely choose the Lake 22 hike. Although the trail itself was slightly more difficult than Heather Lake, I enjoyed the scenery and the payoff (the lake) a considerable amount more.

There was still quite a bit of snow towards the end of the trail which made it difficult (and dangerous for the morbidly obese), and I found myself falling through the 2-3 feet of snow quite a bit. I believe there is even a picture of a fall-through below… note: if you wear shorts and fall through the snow, you will get said snow all over your man-parts, and it’s quite cold and girls will laugh.

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