Highline Trail/Sunrift Gorge/Swiftcurrent Pass – Glacier National Park, MT

These were some of the shorter hikes that I went on. The Highline Trail is a monstrous all-day hike, so I only tackled a small portion of it due to time constraints. I clearly had to hike through the most famous part which is the 4-6ft path carved into the side of the mountain, with a 100+ foot drop-off. It’s cool though, they tacked a garden hose to the side of the mountain so it’s totally safe. The fun part is watching how terrified people are that are scared of heights. Pussies.

Swiftcurrent Pass was another great hike, although I only completed around 5-6 of the 18 miles. At one point you’ll get to some waterfalls with huge red rocks that you can run around and eat lunch on. There are a ton of great pictures you can take in this area of the hike, unfortunately it’s also inhabited by a shit ton of douchetards that find their way into your pictures. Although if you don’t mind 300lb topless/hairy men in your pictures, this might be your own personal paradise.

Sunrift Gorge is located right off the Going-to-the-Sun Road, and was a nice place to kick back and relax while enjoying the scenery.

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