I Hate Stupid People

God people are stupid! I was just at Safeway in the self checkout aisle, and I was ringing up all my food, and right when I’m about to swipe my card some asstarded asian woman comes over and YELLS at me that I scanned my apples wrong?! So she resets my ENTIRE order (is that what you would call it?), and puts all my food back in my basket! Then she redoes the apples, and the price comes out 3 cents LESS than it was before!!! So then she quietly apologizes, and walks off. So then I yell back at her, “now why don’t you come over here and scan all my fucking items again?!” And she just ignores me!!! Even though I was all fired up, and ready to throw another classic grocery store flip out, I held it in, since I’ve already been banned from the other Safeway close to me. God, I really do hate morons. If I ran the world, I would have them all shot.

So on the way home, Vanilla Ice – Ice Ice Baby comes on the radio. Have you ever REALLY listened to the lyrics of that song? IT’S SO STUPID! Really, sit down and listen to it, it really makes no sense at all. After a careful evaluation of the song, I have a few questions… if the girls were hot and wearing less than bikinis, logic would dictate that he was on a nude beach. So why would Shay need a gauge, and Vanilla need a .9mm? Also, although I have never heard of any gun battles breaking out on nude beaches, where are these nude people concealing their weapons?!? Personally, if I was on a nude beach, and I saw people walking around with guns, I would probably leave. Especially given the fact that the chumps were actin ill and full of eight balls. Who knows, maybe it’s just me. It really makes you think about the music people like… it really has NOTHING to do with the words, or the message it’s sending, its all about the beat, and if it’s catchy or not. I hate Vanilla Ice now too.

So I still intend on doing a final Vegan recap, but I’ve been super busy playing the new World of Warcraft expansion… I love it, and it loves me, so you’ll have have to wait until later this week. My complaining about morons is just going to have to hold you over for now.