Lapham Peak – Delafield, WI

I wanted to get a hike in while I was in Wisconsin, so I asked around about the best trails in the area. Everyone I asked kept telling me about how I just HAD to do Lapham Peak, which is on the Ice Age Trail. The front desk attendant at my hotel even proclaimed that it was ‘the hardest hike in Wisconsin.’ So obviously I had to check this out, being a hardcore mountaineer and all.

I don’t know exactly what I expected out of this hike, but I was curious as to what the locals considered ‘hard’ due to the fact that the entire area is flatter than my ass. This ended up being a 7.1 mile hike, and just about 1250ft of elevation over that span. While I wouldn’t exactly categorize this as difficult, it was a hot day and I did end up breaking a sweat… so there’s that, I suppose. I didn’t bring my hiking shoes, so the most difficult part of the entire hike was trying no to get blisters from wearing my Vans slip-ons. I failed. I got a lot of blisters. I’m dumb.

While not the type of hikes I go on in Washington, it was pretty in its on unique way. There was a smallish lake I passed that I’m pretty sure I saw beavers swimming in, but I opted not to walk too far off the path to check. All of the trees seemed very young, and I didn’t pass through a whole lot of old growth, if any. It kind of seemed like there was a fire there at some point, and most of the trees were replanted.

The tower at the top of Lapham Peak was pretty cool, and it looks over the entire area. I would have liked to have spent more time at the top of the peak, but there was this profusely sweaty woman that smelled like death, and she made me want to jump off the tower to get away from her. The hike also has quite a bit of chipmunks, which you really don’t see a lot of in the PNW. They are clearly fed a lot on this trails, since one of them ran right up to me and stood on my shoe. I offered to give him some of my vitamin water I was drinking, but he was stuck up and didn’t want that. Your loss, asshole chipmunk… your loss.

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