Midway & Norris Geyser Basin – Yellowstone National Park

I hit up Midway Geyser Basin first thing yesterday morning before the crowds showed up to see the Grand Prismatic (one of the features I was most excited for), unfortunately I was one of the only ones there at the time, and couldn’t find it. No one ever mentioned that it’s nearly impossible to see anything that early in the morning due to the thick steam coming off of the hot spots. I wandered around in the thick ass sulfur clouds (check the first handful of pics compared to the ones an hour an a half later) for about 20 minutes before giving up and rushing up to Old Faithful.

Afterwards I asked a clerk in one of the stores where I could find the Grand Prismatic, and she just laughed and said, “you were probably standing right next to it and didn’t even realize it.” She advised that I head back down to beat the crowds, and that the steam usually tapered off at this time. Thankfully she was right, and I still missed the crowds.

Midway itself was ok, but if it weren’t for the Grand Prismatic I would have skipped it and just visited Norris. The Grand Prismatic was amazing, but was nearly impossible to get a good picture of since you’re so close. You pretty much have to hike up a mountain to get any sort of decent shot of it. Although you’ll walk out of the area smelling like absolute shit (again… sulfur up the ass), this is definitely one of those ‘bucket list’ items you’ve got to see in person.

Norris Geyser Basin has about 10x as many hot spots as Midway, and a lot more active geysers. Some of the eruptions there are very violent and sporadic, so they ask you to be careful… but honestly, if there’s a violent eruption while you’re right next to a fucking enormous geyser, what the hell are you going to do to be safe? You’re going to be fried, stupid nerds. God, I hate stupid nerds that tell me to be safe. You be safe and stop telling mountain men what to do, nerd!!

There’s one geyser in Norris that is constantly erupting, called Vixen Geyser. It’s a little asshole too… it will do little short eruptions for like 15 minutes, then there’s a huge one. I got a nice warm 200+ degree shower from that bitch and had to dump the rest of my water on myself to clean off. Ugh, so much DRAMA!

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