Montezuma Castle & Well – Camp Verde, AZ

I made a pit stop at Montezuma’s Castle & Well on the drive out to the Grand Canyon and was amazed at how well preserved the cliff-dwellings were, considering they were constructed back in 700AD. Apparently it took 5 centuries to build, and there are 5 stories worth of “apartments” inside. Although I’m not entirely sure I would be willing to climb a ladder that high to get home every night, the Sinagua people were substantially more brave that I am. That being said, I was terrified the entire time that I would run into a rattlesnake, so clearly that’s not saying much.

Montezuma’s Well is a short hike away from the Castle, and is essentially a giant irrigation pool now. I wasn’t overly impressed with the well, but the Castle was definitely worth the stop. Being that you’re in the middle of the desert, expect for it to be hot as balls. Highly suggest stopping here if you’re making the trip from Phoenix to the Grand Canyon.

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