Munson Creek Falls “Hike” – Tillamook, OR

While driving down the Oregon Coast I kept seeing signs for Munson Creek Falls, so I decided to google the reviews for the hike. Every review I read essentially boiled down to this hike being better than the most satisfying shit you’ve ever taken. I don’t know what strain of crack these morons were smoking, but do NOT believe the hype.

First of all, to get to the trailhead you’re forced to drive down a shady dirt road into the back country. The dirt road can BARELY fit a midsized sedan, let alone two cars, so you better hope you don’t run into someone on their way out. Not only that but it’s chock full of HUGE potholes that will make you wish for an early death. I’m pretty sure I created some skidmarks in my undies after a couple of them.

Once you arrive at the trailhead you’ll quickly find that the entrance sign has been vandalized, I’m guessing by some 12 year old gangbangers that were as pissed off as I was after continuing on with this hike. So enjoy the picture of Bart Simpson smoking a joint (really, Oregon?? You’re quite the vandals.), because that’s about as entertaining as it gets.

Now that I’ve got you excited for this hike, let’s get down to business. After entering the trail you quickly go up a short hill. Once you get to the top of this short hill, you walk down the hill. Unfortunately, this is where the trail ends. It looks like a monster tree fell on the trail years ago, and beyond it is filled with thorny bushes for as far as the eye can see. Thankfully you can see the Munson Creek Falls WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY off in the distance, so this gives you the opportunity to take some really shitty pictures of it that you can run home and brag to nobody about. Or you could blog about it, whatever floats your boat.

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