Operation: Vegan

Operation: Vegan – Day 10 & 11

So I was planning on taking a break from boring you with the same old thing tonight, and was fully prepared to drop a little side project on your unsuspecting asses, but the timing just isn’t right. Although this project will most certainly change the way the world is viewed, it just wasn’t refined and polished enough to release to the masses. Hopefully within the next few days I’ll be able to blow your minds, and shake your very foundations. I have no doubt in my mind that after this is released, everyone in the world will become vegan, and be awesome like me.

That being said, I haven’t been preparing this post the past couple days and so I might start to ramble… have fun with that! To start things off, I’ve began adventuring out into the cruel vegan world, and have been attempting to make new things to eat for dinner. As stated in a previous post, Veronica from lowfatveganchef.com emailed me a recipe to try from her upcoming cookbook. After my successful trip to Safeway, I decided to attempt her Creamy Potato Corn Chowder on day 10. Needless to say, I’m not going to be appearing on MasterChef TV anytime soon… so making an entire meal from scratch, with pots and utensils that look like they came from a meth lab, is quite a feat for someone like me.

Since I’m apparently incapable of following the simplest of instructions, it ended up taking me about 45 minutes to slice, dice, and make my delicious meal. That’s not counting the amount of time it took me to avert fiery disaster when my food decided to boil over and started shooting rice and corn all over the kitchen. That also doesn’t include the time it took me to air out my place after my meal started to catch fire after hitting the stove. I did survive though… and although my end product looked nothing like the picture of the food next to the recipe (ok, I guess I’ll take the blame for that one), it was soooooo delicious, and well worth the hassle to make. Oh yeah, since this is someone elses recipe, I guess I should also mention that I didn’t follow the rules exactly… I added a bunch of rice and jalapenos on my own. Not because it wouldn’t have been delicious without them, but because I’m a badboy, and I don’t follow rules.

What it SHOULD have looked like…
… what it looked like when I was done!

On day 11, I decided to make a Thai Sweat Potato Soup that I found on the internet. After avoiding certain death the night before, I was more careful in making dinner this time around. Yet, tragedy STILL attempted to take my life! I had to leave the kitchen ONE time, and somehow my glass of almond milk tipped over on the counter, and spilled into the stove. I swear to God that it was caused by the large girl that lives above me, that has started doing her nightly aerobics around the time I eat dinner. It’s literally like an earthquake drill for an hour every night, and I just know she’s going to fall through the floor and kill me eventually. I KNOW IT WAS HER, how else would it have tipped over?! It wasn’t my fault this time! GAH!!!!!!! Anyway, this meal wasn’t as great as the last. I did add rice, jalapenos, and sriracha to it, which did spice it up a lot more though. Still, better than when I have been eating.

Anyway, this was long, like I said, wasn’t prepared! Here are the pics of my last couple din dins, which I know everyone gets so excited for. Hopefully I’ll have something more entertaining the next time around.

Day 10
Day 11

Calories for day 10: 1624 Weight: 190.08
Calories for day 11: 1480 Weight: 190.06

(Fun Facts: Height: 6’0″ / Starting Weight: 197.6)

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