Operation: Vegan

Operation: Vegan – Day 18 & 19

So when I mapped out my 30  days of veganism, I planned it so that it would end the day before St. Patty’s Day. I wanted to ensure that I spent one of the greatest holidays of the year eating boatloads of corned beef, and drinking an excess amount of booze. Now I’m hearing I have to “ease” back into eating meat or I’ll get sick?! Yeah, I know, right? Apparently your body needs to learn how to process it again! What the hell is that about?! Now what am I going to do??? It’s not like I’m going to be going anywhere “vegan friendly.” Am I supposed to go over to my buddy’s house and be like, “hey dude, can you move some of this beer, I need room for my veggies!!” I’m VERY upset that no one warned me of this before hand. Everyone I’ve asked has said that when they started eating meat again they got a fever, and were puking shit all over the place for a week. Awesome… just awesome…

Well now that my entire life is ruined because of this, I have to figure out a bunch of vegan snacks to pack around with me for the entire day. Seriously, people are going to be all, “dude, what’s in your awesome fanny pack?” And I’ll have to be all, “oh… yeah… you know, baby carrots… a sliced up apple… tofu…” I’m going to look like a complete dickhead, I just know it. Also, why does your body need to learn how to digest meat again? Shouldn’t that be like riding a bike? Honestly, its been a month, and you’ve fucking forgot already? REALLY?! How stupid are you, digestive system?? Plus, how am I supposed to “ease” back into it without getting violently ill? Do I need to start off by eating Gerber baby food again? SO. MUCH. DRAMA!!!!

Ok, so before I start to overreact about all of this, I’m just going to bottle up all my anger, and then take it out on a complete stranger. SOOOO… As I stated towards the beginning of this little experiment, the teriyaki sauce the I initially chose (to add some flavor to my brown rice) didn’t taste too great. So I’ve finally went out hunting for something new, and I found Soy Vey Veri Veri Teriyaki. I tried it once I got home, and it is the most delicious thing ever created. I can’t even begin to tell you how amazing it is. I can’t wait to try it out with my food. I can only imagine it will probably be the most delicious meal that anyone in history has eaten.

Yeah, so nothing too interesting has went on the past couple days. Although as you’ll see from the photos below, I did have a Fun with Sriracha moment with my food. Since things are kinda winding down on my 30 days, I’m trying to clear out all the leftovers in my fridge… so you’ll probably be seeing a lot of the same thing from here on out. Who knows though, I’m a mystery wrapped in a riddle. Enjoy my meals!

Day 18
Day 19

Calories for day 18: 1390 Weight: 188.08
Calories for day 19: 1505 Weight: 188.04

(Fun Facts: Height: 6’0″ / Starting Weight: 197.6)

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