Operation: Vegan

Operation: Vegan – Day 2 & 3

Well, besides the fact that my body is now in shock from the severe lack of Taco Bell in my system; I’m still alive. I get the overwhelming feeling that my stomach thinks we’re homeless now, and feeding off the raw goods of the neighborhood gardens.

I woke up on day 2 with a pretty bad headache, which isn’t that typical for me, since I rarely get them unless I have a fever. After digging around on google for a while, I think I nailed it down to the lack of protein that I was eating. Therefore I started adding some Hemp Protein to my morning smoothie, which has definitely been helping. The only drawback is that my delicious smoothie now tastes all grainy, and looks like I blended up a pound of goose shit. Still tastes pretty good though.

Also on day 2 I tried the brown rice with my veggies, instead of the potato… still tasted like absolute asshole (kinda like Absolute Vodka, but just a lot worse, and you don’t get drunk). The next morning I ran down to Safeway and picked up some:
[list style=”bullet-black”]La Choy Teriyaki Sauce (not that great, will prob try a new brand next time)
Wasabi Sesame Seeds
Sambal Oelek Fresh Ground Chili Paste
and some Soy Sauce [/list]On day 3 I just put my rice in a bowl, stirred in some of the teriyaki sauce, then added the veggies. Also, I added a side of corn, and beans. The meal actually wasn’t too bad. I still noticed that I was reaching for my trusty bottle of sriracha quite a bit to add a little more flavor, so I have a feeling tomorrow we’ll be giving the chili paste a shot to spice things up a tad more.

Beyond all that jazz, snacking kinda sucks as a vegan. The almonds are great, but I can only have so many unless I want to turn into a fat jackoff. The soy beans are actually far better than I ever expected, and very filling, but for a full month? Have a feeling I’ll get sick of them sooner, rather than later. Any ideas on snacks would be great! I wonder if it would be healthy to eat packets of Taco Bell hot sauce as a snack… ANYWAY, below you can find my shitty food for days 2 & 3!

Day 2
Day 3

Calories for day 2: 1328  Weight: 194.06
Calories for day 3: 1412  Weight: 194

(Fun Facts: Height: 6’0″ / Starting Weight: 197.6)

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4 thoughts on “Operation: Vegan – Day 2 & 3”

  1. Way to go! Condiments always help! 🙂 Don’t forget to try quinoa and lentils, too. As far as snacks go, have you tried jicama? Mmm.

    1. Look for it in the produce section, brown root vegetable, kinda looks like a coconut without the hairy stuff. You may also be able to find it already sliced up, too!

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