Sedona, AZ


I attempted to do the Call of the Canyon hike in Sedona, but unfortunately there was a huge rainfall the week before that resulted in a ton of flooding. After hiking about a half mile in there was a “small creek crossing” had turned into a damn lake that I didn’t exactly plan for. So instead of swimming across and ...

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Grand Canyon National Park – Arizona


I had flown over the Grand Canyon several times over the years, so I almost decided to take a pass on this national park since I had “already seen it.” Trust me when I say that flying over it or seeing pictures of it does not do it justice at all. It’s absolutely overwhelming when you actually see it in ...

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Montezuma Castle & Well – Camp Verde, AZ


I made a pit stop at Montezuma’s Castle & Well on the drive out to the Grand Canyon and was amazed at how well preserved the cliff-dwellings were, considering they were constructed back in 700AD. Apparently it took 5 centuries to build, and there are 5 stories worth of “apartments” inside. Although I’m not entirely sure I would be willing ...

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Grinnell Glacier Hike – Glacier National Park, MT


I decided to hike Grinnell Glacier on the morning I was leaving the park, and really wish I had done it on one of the previous days when I had more time. You can either hike 8 miles out to the glacier from the trailhead, or you can take a couple of shuttle boats over Swiftcurrent Lake and Lake Josephine ...

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Hidden Lake Hike – Glacier National Park, MT


Hidden Lake is located at the top of Logan’s Pass near the continental divide. I would HIGHLY suggest initially stopping here during the evening time while driving along the Going to the Sun Road and watching the sunset at the Hidden Lake Overlook (its not far past the lodge/parking lot). I stumbled on this by accident, but it was honestly the ...

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Avalanche Lake Hike – Glacier National Park, MT


This was the first real hike I went on in Glacier, and it’s sold as one of the most popular in the park. While it was an ok hike, I felt fairly disappointed when it all was said & done. Right at the beginning of the hike you’ll encounter Avalanche Gorge, which I felt was the best part of the ...

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Going-to-the-Sun Road – Glacier National Park, MT


The Going-to-the-Sun Road should be on anyone’s to-do list that is driving anywhere near Montana. Even if you don’t intend on sticking around Glacier to do some hikes, the 52 mile drive is still 100% worth the national park entrance fee. Out of the 3 days I stayed at the park, I did the entire drive 3 times. The views ...

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Tillamook, Newport, Lincoln City, & Between – Oregon


I was simply shocked to find out that the Tillamook Cheese Factory was located in Tillamook, so it was clearly by accident that I drove directly to this fine establishment. After the shock had worn off, and I realized my planned route down the coast just so happened to lead me right into the Tillamook parking lot, I decided to get out and ...

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