Lake Twenty Two Hike – Robe, WA


The Lake Twenty Two hike is essentially the Heather Lake hike on crack. There was a lot more to see scenery wise, the trail was better maintained, and it was definitely a far better workout without your lungs imploding. The end result, as you can see from the pictures, is nearly identical to the Heather Lake hike, but the trail ...

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Iron Goat Trail Hike – Skykomish, WA


Nearly all 700ft of elevation gain is right at the beginning, which kinda sucked butt. After that the trail levels off and it’s essentially a walk through history. The train tunnels were creepy as shit, and I’m pretty sure they’re a hobo hideout. The snow sheds were amazing to see up close and there are historic photos along the trail ...

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Teneriffe Falls (Kamikaze Falls) Hike – North Bend, WA


Most of this hike was fairly easy until you reach a long stretch of switchbacks that scale up a rocky part of the mountain. This is where you gain a lot of your elevation, and feel like you’re part of The Fellowship in Lord of the Rings. The views on this hike were amazing, as was the waterfall. The only shit part ...

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Heather Lake Hike – Darrington, WA


I wish I would have had the idea to post my hikes on here at the time I was actually hiking them, since the details will be sorely lacking nearly a year later. Plus by this time I’ve mostly forgotten about all the embarrassing details of falling in lakes or down mountains. Too bad for you, right? Heather Lake was ...

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Saddle Rock Hike – Wenatchee, WA


So this was my starter hike for 2013, since I hadn’t hiked up Saddle Rock since I was about 12 years old (I grew up in Wenatchee). I remember as a kid me and my friends would run straight up the middle of the mountain without having to slow down. Well… times have changed. I much fatter, and in far ...

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Operation: Vegan – Aftermath


So it’s been just over a week since I stopped eating like a hardcore vegan gangbanger, and it appears my body doesn’t really care for the shitty food I use to eat, as much as it does for the all-natural garbage. I’ve also noticed that I’ve been craving naps again. I don’t think I took one the entire month I ...

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I Hate Stupid People


God people are stupid! I was just at Safeway in the self checkout aisle, and I was ringing up all my food, and right when I’m about to swipe my card some asstarded asian woman comes over and YELLS at me that I scanned my apples wrong?! So she resets my ENTIRE order (is that what you would call it?), ...

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Operation: Vegan – Day 30!


DANGER! DANGER! I was wrong… I was SO wrong about the after effects of veganism. Maybe I didn’t notice the symptoms last Sunday because I was so hung over, or maybe I just didn’t eat enough meat for it to effect me! Monday night I had a god damn Taco Bell mexican fiesta in my apartment…. like I mean I ...

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Operation: Vegan – Day 28 & 29


Sorry about the lack of updates… as my body still knows (feels), last Saturday was St. Patty’s day, and apparently I’m incapable of leaving the couch a day after drinking for 17 hours straight. Go figure. As carefully scripted from the beginning, Saturday was my first day of eating meat in a month. For those who are confused by the title, ...

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Operation: Vegan – Day 26 & 27


So this whole vegan kick is quickly coming to a close, and not a moment too soon apparently. Last night I had a dream that I was riding my unicorn through downtown Seattle, and instead of a horn he had a big ass carrot. For some reason I was sitting at a bus stop, which is just madness, since if ...

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