Seaside, Cannon Beach, and Beyond – Oregon

gooniesSeaside and Cannon Beach seemed very similar in my opinion, with the most noticeable difference being that Seaside is more of a blue-collar environment, and Cannon Beach is far more upscale. My favorite part of Seaside was Carousel Mall where they had a few fun carnival rides, bumper cars, mini golf, and delicious carnival type foods (I had a corndog and strawberry ice cream, it made me happy). The beach was another noticeable difference. I took my flip-flops off for a brief moment and every step I took I was just waiting to step on a heroin needle. There were jagged rocks everywhere, broken glass, and it just seemed trashy is shit. I should note that there were tons of children and families out on the beach running around with no issues, but I can only assume they’d already contracted AIDS, or their feet were made of metal or other robot parts. As previously stated, I have very soft and delicate kings feet that must be protected at all costs.

Cannon Beach was so bomb that it blew up my damn mind. While the shops and food in Seaside were more up my alley, the beach here was simply amazing. The sand was so soft that I can only imagine that they have hobos out there combing it for rocks and hypodermic needles on a 24/7 basis. Not only that, but you have a front row seat to Haystack Rock! After spending a short amount of time in Cannon Beach, you will definitely understand why One-Eyed Willie hid his gold and ship here. The food and shops along the beach are far more upscale and spendy. Fun to look around, but you’re gonna drop some serious cash if you decide you want to buy something.

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