Sedona, AZ

I attempted to do the Call of the Canyon hike in Sedona, but unfortunately there was a huge rainfall the week before that resulted in a ton of flooding. After hiking about a half mile in there was a “small creek crossing” had turned into a damn lake that I didn’t exactly plan for. So instead of swimming across and being soaked for the rest of the hike I decided to turn around and check out the Bell Rock Pathway.

The Bell Rock Pathway is simply a path out to Bell Rock, which is amazing. There is zero elevation, so expect a lot of tourists out on the path along with runners and bikers. It’s basically the easiest way to get out to the red rocks of Sedona without undertaking a long ass hike into the mountains with gross icky snakes.

There are a ton of awesome looking hikes in this area of Arizona, so I really hope to make it back someday soon.

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