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Facebook: The Good News & The Bad News


Holy crap people are annoying. I’ve been on Facebook less and less lately, so maybe I’ve missed out on this growing trend that I’m now seeing. It seems that people have finally come to realize that their friends will completely ignore their emo status updates, that complain about how miserable and sad their life is, and are now TRICKING people ...

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Facebook Status Updates: The New Way to Brag


On any given day I find myself bombarded with a wide array of useless status updates on Facebook. It literally astounds me what some people are willing to share with their friends and family. While a lot of people will argue, “well I’m just an open person, if they’re really friends, they won’t judge me.” WRONG! That’s absolutely, 100% what ...

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8 Simple Rules to Breaking up on Facebook!


Although there are millions things that annoy me on Facebook, one thing that NEVER gets old is the classic Facebook break up. It’s like watching a fat girl trip… they fall hard, and you can’t help but laugh. Maybe I’m just a cruel person, but I can’t help but find pleasure watching all this embarrassing misery leak out into a ...

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Pictures You Shouldn’t Post


You really have to wonder what some people are thinking when they choose which photos they present to the public. Whether it’s Facebook, or one of the many dating sites out there, I see so many instances of misrepresentation that it makes me curious if these people actually view themselves in the way they’re trying to be perceived by the ...

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Facebook Offenders: Part 2


Carrying on from my first installement, we now look at our second exibit: The Inspirational Quote Guy I’ve never been able to comprehend why people feel the need to cut and paste a random “inspirational” quote as their status update, as if they’re the Tony Robbins of Facebook. FUN FACT: No one is being inspired by your lack of originality. ...

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