Teneriffe Falls (Kamikaze Falls) Hike – North Bend, WA

Most of this hike was fairly easy until you reach a long stretch of switchbacks that scale up a rocky part of the mountain. This is where you gain a lot of your elevation, and feel like you’re part of The Fellowship in Lord of the Rings. The views on this hike were amazing, as was the waterfall. The only shit part about the hike was how dangerous it was if you wanted to get up near the falls. It’s a fairly steep, muddy, and slippery climb to get up as close as we did. Thankfully I’m as sure footed as a mountain goat, when I’m not falling, so I was never in any REAL danger. Everyone else was though, but whatever.

After leaving making our way back to the trailhead we headed to the North Bend Bar & Grill, which has the best reuben sandwich and fried dill pickles that you’ll ever have. Oh, and the beer was pretty tasty as well.

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