Tillamook, Newport, Lincoln City, & Between – Oregon

tilI was simply shocked to find out that the Tillamook Cheese Factory was located in Tillamook, so it was clearly by accident that I drove directly to this fine establishment. After the shock had worn off, and I realized my planned route down the coast just so happened to lead me right into the Tillamook parking lot, I decided to get out and check this place out. Seeing as to how I pee myself with excitement when the local Safeway has free cheese samples, I pretty much doused my draws with weewee when I saw the sheer number of different cheese and ice cream samples I was about to devour. They of course have viewing areas where you can watch them make the actual cheese, but really, who cares about that shit? Go for the free samples, and get out… so delicious!

The further south down the coast I got, the windier it seemed to get. I made it to another planned stop once I reached Newport, where I wanted to see The Devil’s Punch Bowl. The wind was so strong that I had to cover my face with my hat to avoid dirt getting into my eyes, and even had to hold on to the fence at times because it was blowing so hard that I almost fell over. The bowl is a natural rock formation in which waves enter and violently churn, swirl, and foam. Unfortunately I was only able to see a few huge waves hit while I was there, but it was still quite a sight. I believe it cost $5 to get into the state park where it’s located, but I could be wrong about that.

There were also a couple of light house stops along the way. I didn’t really get caught up in all the history behind each of them, but they are light houses… they’re cool. Just fucking deal with it. These locations do cost a few bucks to get into though… I believe between $5-10. I know it might seem like a lot to see a single light house, but they are pretty amazing up close, plus the views are obviously beautiful from their location.

pucknbarryslincolncityorI ended up not having enough time (due to the Crater Lake detour) to make it down the entire Oregon Coast, but I do intend to make another trip down to finish it up this summer. There’s a Sea Lion cave that I’m dying to see in Florence, and a large cat zoo even further south that lets you pet baby lions, tigers, and panthers… yes, please! The final stop before making a break for central Oregon was in Lincoln City, where I found myself in need of food. I stopped into this mom & pop eatery called Puck n Barry’s, in which every single inch inside is covered in Coca Cola products. Let me warn you, these town folk are VERY protective about this product. Case in point, I of course thought it would be funny to ask for a Pepsi with my meal. I honestly thought the waitress was going to tear the Coca Cola harpoon off the wall and kill me with it. Food was great though, just don’t mock the locals.

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