Tombstone, AZ

Tombstone has been my favorite movie for years, so I can’t begin to express how disappointed I was in this town. It is the epitome of tourist traps. I understand that this is a legit town where people live, but they have blown up one of the most historic areas in US history and turned it into avenues of knick-knack stores and theme restaurants.

The Boothill Graveyard was the ONLY place worth visiting in the entire area. The graveyard itself was left untouched, I assume since it’s a graveyard? Plus they maintain/replace the signed with replicas once they are worn down and you can no longer read them. They use the same handwriting and carvings as the originals, which I thought was cool. Plus they play the movie Tombstone in the gift shop on repeat. I bet that never gets old to the owners.

The OK Corral… don’t even get me started. So they have these ENORMOUS walls that box in the area where they claim the OK Corral shootout took place. You have to pay $20+ dollars to actually go in and watch some dipshits reenact the shootout that lasts only 10 minutes. I looked under their fortress of a wall to see what was in there and all it boiled down to was a lot of dirt… there wasn’t even a fucking corral!!!!! Besides that, there’s no possible way they could know the exact area that this took place. They basically just made a huge ass box and claim that’s where it took place so that you have to shell out more money.

I drove several hours to FINALLY see this place… what a waste of time. After the long ass drive I bet I only spent 1 hour here tops. Please for the love of God, never go here… please don’t give these greedy asshats your money. It is NOT worth the time and effort it takes to get there, trust me on this one.

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