Twin Falls Hike – North Bend, WA

Twin Falls was one of the easier trails in the area that I wanted to check out, yet dreaded doing at the same time. On a nice day, or basically any weekend, this place turns into the Walmart of hikes. Yet, if you’re willing to wade through hundreds of annoying children running circles around their grandparents, or desire to witness a morbidly obese man try to scale a mountain in his AmeriGlide hoveround scooter, then this is the place to be!

Looking beyond the annoyance of other people, this was actually a quick and enjoyable hike. The waterfalls aren’t that far from the trailhead, and if you hike up past the twin falls you’ll encounter some of the smaller falls, which were nice. I decided to climb down the side of the mountain to get closer to one of the small waterfalls, ended up slipping on some mud, and looked like an idiot. This is quite normal for me though, and I’m certain that everyone that saw me thought I was ‘manly’ and ‘rugged.’

Get to this hike early in the morning, because parking fills up VERY fast. You’ll notice that a lot of the houses in the neighborhood set up yard sales around the parking areas, because clearly everyone wants to buy their garbage and carry it around with them all afternoon.

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