Wallace Falls – Gold Bar, WA

We hiked out to Wallace Falls on a ridiculously hot day, and even though we left early in the morning I was still sweating profusely after about 15 minutes. I had to stop several times to either dunk my head in water, or just to cool down since my bandana was soaked in sweat that was then running into my eyes.

The hike was well worth it though. The lower falls is where it’s at, and a lot of people swim and jump from the top of the waterfall into the pool below. We spent a good 45 minutes here relaxing and eating lunch after nearly dying of heat stroke on the way up. After that we headed to the upper falls, which is a very steep trail, although it isn’t that far from the lower falls. It’s a much larger waterfall, but was somewhat lackluster and off in the distance, and I would have just skipped it had I known. If you’re short on time, or just don’t feel like hiking up the steep grade trail to get there, you can safely skip this portion… you’re not missing much at all.

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