Watson Falls Hike – Umpqua River Valley, OR

After the bullshit that was Munson Creek Falls, I’m happy to say that Watson Falls was MUCH nicer than expected. Although it’s a very short hike to get up next to the falls, the elevation gain is pretty rapid. I have a feeling that this waterfall would be even more amazing in the spring, rather than in the late summer, due to the winter runoff. This hike only took about an hour total, and was definitely worth going out of the way for.

The only drawback here is that because of its ease and accessibility, you’re forced to share the hike with a ton of assholes. Case in point, there was a family of about 12 up at the top that spent a good 45 minutes taking every single family picture humanly possible. Not only that, but their little shithead kids kept running in circles around me while their parents sat there laughing and not moving out of the way for other hikers to view the falls in peace. I believe the parents overheard me comment to a couple other hikers that I was about to throw them off the cliff, because right after that they gathered up their satan-spawn children and scurried down the mountain as fast as they could. Dickheads.

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