West Coast Game Park Safari – Bandon, OR

On the way up the Oregon coast I spotted a West Coast Game Park Safari billboard in a town named Bandon. It promised that you roam around the park with the animals, and got to play with baby lions, so I obviously had to find this place. Again, it is kind of off grid as you’d probably imagine, but wasn’t overly hard to find. The safari itself is alright… you can purchase bags of feed and step in with hundreds of deer, goats, birds, lamas, etc and they all bum-rush you so that you’ll feed them. It’s pretty insane having that many animals rush at you at once, but they are all very friendly and socialized. Don’t expect to hold on to your feed for long, since they are relentless and won’t leave you alone until it’s all gone. After that they lose all interested in you and will wonder off to the next sucker that’s there to feed them.

If you want to meet/pet a specific animal you’ll want to call ahead of time to see which ones will be available the day you’re going. The day I was there I got to pet a lion, tiger, and bear (no… just don’t). There are also a lot of other beautiful¬†animals you can check out, but you end up feeling bad for them being caged up in such a small area.

Overall it was a nice stop on the way home, and worth the money to get in ($17.50 for an adult).

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