Worst of the Week

Here is a list of things that annoyed me this week, that didn’t really deserve a full post of their own:

1. The morons at work that can’t figure out the dreaded 4-way stops on campus. Honestly, Microsoft hired you because you’re the best and brightest at what you do, and you can’t fucking figure out who got to a stop sign first? If you get there first, you go first. If you didn’t, you wait your goddamn turn. If you get there at the same time as someone else, either go right away, or wave them through. Don’t play that annoying game where you wave them through, they wave you through, then you both just look at each other like numb nuts for the next 5 minutes, as you inch forward trying to figure out if you should go or not.

2. The guy in the office across from me that answers his phone, “Yellow?” and laughs every single time. I hate you.

3. Oversharers. In particular, oversharers that feel the need to talk about their sex life with others. In particular, oversharers that look like jackals, that share their sex life with others. I don’t care that you were gnawing on your boyfriends little sausage penis last night, or that he went down on your Field of Nightmares and hit a home run. You’re fucking gross. Shut up.

4. People that say they’re going to “bounce.” You sound douchetarded, you shut up too.

5. Another one of my co-workers that walks and runs like a duck. Maybe it’s not her fault, but it still annoys the living shit out of me. Every time I see her I just want to stick out my leg and trip her. Also, quit talking to me… everything that comes out of your mouth is pointless. You’re the reason that I wear my earphones all day, every day. Here’s a fact: my earphones broke over a month ago… I’m wearing them so I can pretend I don’t hear you trying to get my attention.

6. People that still say “fail.” It was funny for 1 week… 10 years ago. You can stop now, I can safely confirm that it is no longer funny.

I’m sure there are a lot more things that annoyed me this week, but I’ve already forgotten. I really need to carry around a notebook. Oh well!