Yosemite National Park

Starting off on my trip Yosemite National Park was the place I was most excited to visit, and it only somewhat disappointed (due to my own lack of research). Out of all of the national parks I’ve been to, this one ranks second only to Glacier National Park in beauty and sheer amount of amazing hikes. I had my permit in hand, and was  ready to hike half dome, but unfortunately I was still too worn down from getting sick after Bryce Canyon. I may have been able to make it to the actual dome, but there was no way I hell I had enough strength left in me to tackle the cables… and what’s the point of hiking out to half dome if you’re not going to scale up the cables to get to the top? I will definitely be back for this hike, hopefully soon.

That being said, I did several other hikes in the park, mainly out to ‘waterfalls,’ and that’s where the ‘disappointment portion comes into play. By the time I had made it to Yosemite it was early September, and all the waterfalls had completely dried up for the year. After struggling on several hikes to see absolutely nothing at the end it was somewhat defeating. That’s not to take away from the amazing views, and nature on the hikes… but still, if you hike out to see an enormous waterfall, you want to see an enormous waterfall, not a dry rock formation where a waterfall should be.

The size of Yosemite seemed huge, so I can’t even begin to imagine all of the incredible hikes here. While here you should also visit the Ahwahnee Hotel which the hotel from The Shining was modeled after. If you’ve seen the movie, it’s can be pretty creepy, but it’s a beautiful place.

I loved this place and already want to go back. I’ll be making another post from here as soon as I complete the dreaded Half Dome hike, and actually get to see a few of their amazing waterfalls. Hopefully next spring!

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