Zack Morris owns Matt Wilson!

OHH EMM GEE! Most awkward morning EVER! So first, Zack asks Kelly to go the senior prom with him, but finds out she’s already going with Matt Wilson!! WTF! It’s like, ‘seriously, Kelly? Matt Wilson?!’ Honest to God, reason #1201 I think this girl is a total slut-bag! God, his line was all ridiculous as shit too!

Kelly: Can I get you anything else, Matt?
Matt: No thanks, when you smile at me like that, I got everything I need.
Kelly: Matt, you’re embarrassing me!!! (giggling like a total whore)

So get this, Zack plays it off all cool, like it aint no thang, but then quietly schemes to sabotage the date, AND IT TOTALLY WORKS!!! While they’re at school, Zack basically backs Matt Wilson into a corner and tells him all these stories about how hardcore Kelly’s dad and brothers are and that they’re going to kick his ass, so Matt breaks it off! What a vagina, right?! Then Zack pulls the total pimp move of swooping in to save the day! GENIUS! So yeah, then Kelly goes with Zack, but eventually FINDS OUT! She’s pretty pissed about it at first, but gets over it because she finds out that Zack still loves her, and couldn’t imagine going to his senior prom with anyone else.

As if that wasn’t enough drama, Slater and Jessie get locked in a boiler room for the entire prom!! Honestly, I really can’t comprehend what high school allows their students access to the buildings boiler room, or what business Slater and Jessie had being down there in the first place, but thank God there was a vent located near Zack and Kelly so they could hear them arguing near the end of the prom, or who knows how long they would have been stuck down there!! I swear, those Bayside kids find themselves in all sorts of trouble!